Today's The Day!

2016-11-20 19:39:55 by Dubwolfer

Today's the day!

Today is the day I'm all caught up on releases, and for today, I have four of my latest tracks for you!

Two of them, being my most proud work so far! Keep an eye out for Boss Fight! and Desolate Future.

And, again, yes, I AM Soundloot. It'd just my alternate alias for... gamey stuff.


Oh, yeah, and I looked earlier. I've got 8 projects I'm working on, currently :)



Thank you guys all SO MUCH for your support, it really means a lot, especially with the feedback! I know now, I want to make Newgrounds my permanent home :)


Alright, I've been having to space my uploads because of the four-song-a-day upload rule for Newgrounds Audio Portal. I'm uploading them, for the most part, in order, even though I really want to upload my newest and greatest...


Good news, though! I'll be uploading my newest and greatest tracks yet from Dubwolfer and Soundloot tomorrow!

I'm very excited to upload these, I'm just proud of them. 


I hope you all are doing fantastic! This was only a small update, but, there you go!

Well, Newgrounds! I'm back! It sure has been a while... Almost a year, in fact.

Upon coming back I learned I had two bans for posting mixes and stuff, though those bans ended quite a while ago. I'm a good boy now, no DJ stuff from me haha.

Okay getting into the real news and changes:

  • Aside from Dubwolfer I have begun releasing music under the alias of Soundloot.
    • Soundloot is an alternate alias for me to release chiptune, 8bit, and just general video-gamey sounding tunes for you all to enjoy!
    • You will see all of my audio submissions change to say either Dubwolfer or Soundloot before them, so you know what alias they are from!
  • Upon returning, I'd learned I've been scouted! I had three scout requests... I accepted the first one then went to look up exactly what the hell it is! Hope I do my scouter good (and I hope my scouter does good too.) Thank you so much for that!
  • I've more or less abandoned my Bandcamp for the time being. All of my stuff on there is free anyway, with two or three exceptions.
  • Music incoming!
  • To keep up to date, and to keep in touch with me in a much more reliable fashion than Newgrounds (Sorry, Newgrounds, I gotta get back into opening Newgrounds whenever I get on my computer) follow me on my other websites!


Thanks for your guys' support thus far! It means so much!

[Community] The One Happiness

2015-09-29 22:30:59 by Dubwolfer

Hey guys, it's been a while, I'll post a news article about what's been going on, (there's lots of cool and exciting things planned) most likely after this.


But I want to know what one thing makes you happiest. Sorry, you can't choose a person or a pet... or a fetish o.O...


Mine is pretty unique actually. There's a game that never fails to make me smile, it never fails to make me happy, even if I'm just feeling so sad or depressed. This game was on the Playstation 2. It has one of my favorite soundtracks ever, the soundtrack-- the sound design in general are a huge part of why it makes me so happy. The game is Katamari Damacy. Now, I'll link a video to the intro sequence. It's very Japanese, but it's a game that's so weird, bright, and colorful, that really it could do anything it wants -- And it does! The game is so simple... I just have such fond memories of it.


Also, right now I am playing Metro: Last Light, which is 100% exactly the opposite of Katamari Damacy :)


2015-07-15 00:00:12 by Dubwolfer

Well, here I am. I'm actually going to be making Newgrounds my primary uploading website!

The community here seems so great, and I've lurked on here for years, just never had anything to contribute (and was too young to realize that voting and giving feedback is a freaking valuable thing to contribute).

Well, I'm ALWAYS active on Twitter. I will be on there unless I am asleep. Sleep, though, is not something I do often anymore.


In case you couldn't tell, I am a DJ and a producer. I actually also dabble in art (meaning I post things that should be hung on my fridge with the posts that deserve to be hung in a museum or kawaii convention), and am a writer and poet, I have written a book. It's not a very good book. It's probably not even a finished book. But, it's a book.


I love feedback, and I listen to everyone and try and see what they are saying and give everyone a chance, even trolls... Trolls are people too... Just... sad though. Sad people. Sad people who deserve to be told to stop trolling...


But enough about my mother, I hope to see you in the comments, and maybe even I'll make a few friends!