Dubwolfer's Return -- A few changes

2016-11-16 18:55:18 by Dubwolfer

Well, Newgrounds! I'm back! It sure has been a while... Almost a year, in fact.

Upon coming back I learned I had two bans for posting mixes and stuff, though those bans ended quite a while ago. I'm a good boy now, no DJ stuff from me haha.

Okay getting into the real news and changes:

  • Aside from Dubwolfer I have begun releasing music under the alias of Soundloot.
    • Soundloot is an alternate alias for me to release chiptune, 8bit, and just general video-gamey sounding tunes for you all to enjoy!
    • You will see all of my audio submissions change to say either Dubwolfer or Soundloot before them, so you know what alias they are from!
  • Upon returning, I'd learned I've been scouted! I had three scout requests... I accepted the first one then went to look up exactly what the hell it is! Hope I do my scouter good (and I hope my scouter does good too.) Thank you so much for that!
  • I've more or less abandoned my Bandcamp for the time being. All of my stuff on there is free anyway, with two or three exceptions.
  • Music incoming!
  • To keep up to date, and to keep in touch with me in a much more reliable fashion than Newgrounds (Sorry, Newgrounds, I gotta get back into opening Newgrounds whenever I get on my computer) follow me on my other websites!


Thanks for your guys' support thus far! It means so much!


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