Entry #1


2015-07-15 00:00:12 by Dubwolfer

Well, here I am. I'm actually going to be making Newgrounds my primary uploading website!

The community here seems so great, and I've lurked on here for years, just never had anything to contribute (and was too young to realize that voting and giving feedback is a freaking valuable thing to contribute).

Well, I'm ALWAYS active on Twitter. I will be on there unless I am asleep. Sleep, though, is not something I do often anymore.


In case you couldn't tell, I am a DJ and a producer. I actually also dabble in art (meaning I post things that should be hung on my fridge with the posts that deserve to be hung in a museum or kawaii convention), and am a writer and poet, I have written a book. It's not a very good book. It's probably not even a finished book. But, it's a book.


I love feedback, and I listen to everyone and try and see what they are saying and give everyone a chance, even trolls... Trolls are people too... Just... sad though. Sad people. Sad people who deserve to be told to stop trolling...


But enough about my mother, I hope to see you in the comments, and maybe even I'll make a few friends!


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2015-07-15 00:05:00

please suck my cock for a dollar?

Dubwolfer responds:

How long; and until you cum or nah?


2015-07-15 00:43:36

stay active on this site for awhile and it'll love you like i do ya beauty <3 lookin forward to the music mr DJ

Dubwolfer responds:

Thank you so much!